08 novembro 2022

SHAPELLX Modelers - Comfort and quality for your body

em 08 novembro 2022

Hey! Today we are going to talk about beauty, fashion and well-being and for that we have a partnership with the SHAPELLX brand that sells amazing, modern and comfortable modelers. We will!

We all like to boost our self-esteem, feel beautiful, attractive, and above all, comfortable. We bet on accessories, makeup, good clothes, well-groomed hair. For most, the time to choose what to wear becomes sadder, for wearing clothes that mark or that do not value the body.

First we need to accept our bodies, develop self-love and from there seek clothes and tools that help us to see our beauty. 

Nothing better than choosing a beautiful outfit and feeling comfortable with it, right? For this, we often need to resort to a third piece, the modelers, but they don't have to be synonymous with discomfort or shame.

With the development of technology and the passing of the years, today we have brands on the market specializing in shapewear sale such as SHAPELLX.

SHAPELLX is a company specialized in shapers for all bodies, working with models from size S to 6X.

One of the coolest things I saw at SHAPELLX is that the company has several models of lower tummy shapewear, that is, for compression of the lower part of the belly that bothers so many women. Pieces with different models and always aiming for comfort and quality.

Visiting the site, I was delighted with the underwear, as they seem to be very comfortable and of great quality. The bras do not mark under clothing, are seamless and fit perfectly on the body. Below I leave the images and links of the pieces that I liked the most.

In addition to working with the best shapewear I've ever seen, the brand also sells training bra, swimwear and panties. Everything seems to be made with technological fabrics and always thinking about the comfort of the wearer.

They are pieces really designed for the female body and in all the stages we go through during life, as they even have postpartum modelers. Designed for different purposes, different levels of compression and purpose.

Another category of the brand that caught my attention was fitness clothes with leggings and training sets, as always providing a lot of comfort for the different tasks and moments of our daily lives.

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If you are curious to know a little more about this fantastic brand that specializes in comfortable shapers, visit the SHAPELLX website and see all the products that are at your disposal to improve your relationship with your body. I'm sure you will be delighted too.

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